Project Detail

Jaipur ISBT (Multi Modal Transport Hub)

The government of Rajasthan was planning an international standard ISBT for whom this design proposal was prepared. The brief was to have an international standard modern bus terminal.


The proposal was for a grade separated departure & arrival platform layout as well as idle bus parking and to fully exploit the available FAR / FSI for commercial office space on the upper floors. The layout offered every bus entering the Terminus a “controlled option” to conduct its movements within the precincts of the bus stand as per their individual needs and also the constraints of bus schedules.


The proposed metro station near the site was connected to the terminal via an FOB and pedestrian walkways were provided for Taxi / TSR bays at the other end. The proposal called for a multi modal transport hub that would help in decongesting the site.


Presented – 2007

Client – SREI

Plot Size –  4,00,000 sqm

Built Up Area – 14,70,000 sqm