Project Detail

DPR for Lucknow Metro

Prepared the architectural chapter of the DPR for Lucknow Metro. The project included the design of 26 elevated station, 12 underground stations and 1 interchange / terminal station on two corridors. The prime concern for the DPR is to give a design direction for the proposed metro system for any city.


The elevated stations were the first proposal of a balanced cantilever station in the country and was based on the model of the Bangkok Sky Train. Passenger area on the concourse level is spread throughout the length of the station, with staircases leading from either side of the road. This model has since become a standard and has been used in the MRTS stations of many cities.


The Charbagh interchange station was initially designed as an underground interchange but was later changed to an interchange between an underground and an elevated station. While most of the underground stations were cut & cover, the Pandey Ganj station was proposed as a NATM station due to scarcity of land on the surface. NFPA compliance was designed for in all stations & the system was designed for a 6 coach train with a minimum train frequency of 2 minutes.


Completed – 2010

Client – SREI

Plot Size – varied

Built Up Area – varied