Project Detail

DPR for Line 2B & Line 6, Mumbai

Prepared the architectural chapter of the DPR for Mumbai Metro Line 2 B & Line 6. The project included the design of 34 elevated station. The prime concern for the DPR is to give a design direction for the proposed metro system for any city.


The length of the proposed corridor (line 2B) from ESIC Nagar to Mandala (M) is approximately 24km. Along this section of the proposed corridor, 22 stations have been planned and are all elevated. The length of the proposed corridor (line 6) from Swamy Samarth Nagar Complex Station in the West to Vikhroli (EEH) Station in the East is approximately 13km between the two terminal stations. Along this proposed corridor, 13 stations have been planned, off which all 13 are elevated.


21 of the 22 stations on line 2B were proposed as balanced cantilever stations based on the model prepared by AA for the Lucknow Metro while 7 of the 13 stations on line 6 were proposed as balanced cantilever stations. All the rest were tower type stations of which most were double elevated with a flyover either below or adjacent to the platform. The line 6 corridor was especially tight and all 7 of the tower type of stations varied greatly from each other.



Completed – 2017

Client – DMRC

Plot Size – varied

Built Up Area – varied