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Absolute Architecture™ is a studio of architects.

Absolute Architecture™ is a studio of architects, interior designers, services designers, contractors and project managers. AA was established with the aim of providing appropriate solutions for a variety of design and construction requirements. Emphasis towards context, innovation and respect towards the environment are key points of consideration during design.

As architects, we have a responsibility to complement our habitat and to minimize the adverse impacts on the environment. At AA, we believe that simpler yet richer architecture can be derived from two key components: the natural environment and the people that inhabit the building.

Our studio offers diverse and quality design. The projects have been varied both in terms of the nature of the projects (office & residence interiors, factory buildings, auditorium complex, residences, set designs for theatre, bus terminals, MRTS (Metro) stations, and graphic design) as well as the project cost. A great amount of detailed interest and care is shown to each project irrespective of its size or cost. Furthermore, we recognise the key relationship between quality, time, cost and safety. All projects are planned such that the design and construction process involves the above variables. This process oriented approach results in an efficient product.


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The core group in the studio consists of professionals who have wide international work experience, which has strengthened our rich database of ideas and practices. They have trained with the best in their fields and this international exposure to excellence has helped them achieve unique solutions for diverse problems.

Over the past decade, we have undertaken the detailed design of Stations for the MRTS systems of various cities in India including Delhi (including stations for Gurugram & Ghaziabad), Mumbai, Jaipur & Ahmedabad. In addition to the above we have experience in designing NATM underground metro stations having completed the tender design for 7 of these stations being proposed in Mumbai Metro Line 3. We prepared the schematic as well as tender designs of all 8 elevated stations for the Jaipur Metro System Phase – I and have prepared the station designs for DPR for several lines of Mumbai Metro as well as both lines of the proposed Lucknow & Chandigarh Metros entailing several typologies of stations. Due to this exposure, we can safely say that few can match our experience in detailed designing of Metro Stations.

Absolute Architecture™ is a proprietorship firm duly organised under the laws of India and has its registered offices at B-103, Lajpat Nagar-I, New Delhi 110024. The main operational office is at C-110, Sector 2, Noida (UP 201301.